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What Kills Bed Bugs? Bedbugs don’t spread any disease, but their bites can be aching and lead to infection if not treated in the early stage. It’s far better if you can kill bedbugs to avoid their bites, as soon as you suspect their existence. And for killing them you should know what are the things that kill bedbugs effectively. Also, you should know how to prevent them enter into your home again. Find here and Learn What Kills Bed Bugs & How to Kill Bed Bugs.  Learn more: What Kills Bed Bugs & How to Kill Bed Bugs?

What Kills Bed Bugs & How to Kill Bed Bugs?

We have two websites and one Youtube Video channel to help you learn about bedbugs infestation and how to kill them effectively depending on your situation.

Web Sites:

  1. Fleas & Bedbugs
  2. Bedbugs Remedy

Youtube Video Channel:

  1. How to kill bed bugs?

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The following things can kill bedbugs:

#1. Lack of Oxygen

You can kill them if you can stop the passage of oxygen, such as: seal the luggage or container for a few days to stop their feeding and complete life cycle.

#2. Steam Heat

Over 97 degrees Fahrenheit generated from a clothing dryer, steam-cleaner or a specially designed room heater can be used to kill bedbugs.

#3. Extreme Cold

Pack all of your infested items in plastic bags and keep in the deep freezer for few hours to ensure their death.

#4. Pyrethrin

Deltamethrin or pyrethrin insecticide can be used to kill bedbugs and their eggs. And Mayo clinic recommends this spray.

#5. Insecticide Dust/Powder

Items like mattress, bedding, sofa etc can’t be kept dryer and you can apply insecticide power, such as deltamethrin or Pyrethrin.


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