K9 Bed Bug Investigations – Town & Country Solution for Major Bed Bug Infestation! (315)

K9 Bed Bug Investigations: A well-trained dog can sniff out bedbugs existence if properly handled. It’s very expensive and high-end service usually found in 5-star hotels. That is the first step in treating bedbugs. This service is not in the range of most people. Like bomb and drug sniff out, now dogs are trained to trace out bedbugs existence in five-star hotels and high-end homes. K9 detection can cost from $200 to $300 per hour depending on facility size and travel time.

K9 Bed Bug Investigations – Town & Country Solution for Major Bed Bug Infestation!

Before hiring a K9 patrol for bedbugs detection, don’t forget to ask the following questions:

1. Are their dogs certified?

2. Can they differentiate between living and dead bedbugs?

3. Can they sniff out eggs also? And finally

4. How the dog’s findings are validated?

If you want to search or buy something from Amazon, then here is the link for your convenience. https://bedbugs2.com/shop-for-bedbugs/.

K9 detective dogs are used only to ensure bedbugs existence and then they use cutting-edge technology of heat treatment. They serve for initial and followup detection and treatment also. Their dogs are trained enough to sniff out bedbugs and pinpoint their eggs also. Dogs’ scent receptors are so high that their odor sensitivity is 10 to 100 times more than man’s which can’t be detected by the most scientific instruments.

They provide an invaluable service for various facilities including college, university, hospital, hotel, airline, military barrack, apartment, cruise ship and so on. High-end hotels contract pest control for guest comfort and mainly to avoid potential lawsuits. Guest can sue if bitten by bedbugs.


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