Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs with Baking Soda! (319)

Learn how to kill bed bugs with baking soda? Or how to use baking soda to kill bed bugs? There are several ways to kill bed bugs, but a simple and cheaper way is to use baking soda. It’ll take more time, but useful and effective. Learn more: How to kill bed bugs from your entire home with baking soda. Also, you can learn about 16 benefits of baking soda here that you never knew. Find here how to exterminate bedbugs from your entire home with baking soda.

How to Kill Bed Bugs with Baking Soda?

You can use baking soda to kill bed bugs from your entire home. Watch the video and follow the step by step instruction. Take the preparation accordingly and you’ll get rid of bed bugs infestation. Pour baking soda in your bed and watch the amazing things that you have never seen before.

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At first, You’ll Need the Following Things:

A Flashlight, Bowl, Paintbrush, & a Hard Brush.

#1. Identify places

Identify all the places that you may have bedbugs. Remember, bedbugs can be in such a place you never think of. So, it’s better to check thoroughly. Write down somewhere including the extent of infestation, so that you’ll not forget to treat later.

#2. Eliminate the clutter

Remove all the clutter or junk from the room. But don’t shift this clutter in a good area. Because your good area can be infested by clutter. While a room free from junk it’s easy to apply bedbug spray, baking soda or similar things to kill bedbugs. Moreover, junk or clutter gives a chance to hide bedbugs which makes it difficult to kill.

#3. Use paintbrush

Use a paintbrush to spread baking soda all over the surface, crack & crevices, mattress, bedspring etc. Immerse the paintbrush into a bowl of baking soda, and press it, so that baking soda enter into bristles. Then gently spread a slight layer of baking soda in your targeted areas.

#4. Remove baking soda

After several days, when you see all bedbugs and their eggs are died, then remove baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum bag will be full of dust and dead bedbugs. Remove this things and through outside garbage.

Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs with Baking Soda!
Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs with Baking Soda!

Tips and warning:

Treat your entire home at a time; so that your good area can’t be re-infected from the infested area. For more detail instruction, please visit How Does Baking Soda Kill Bed Bugs? 4 Steps To Kill Bedbugs With Baking Soda From Entire Home! Follow the instruction as stated there. If you are unable to do it by yourself, call a pest control professional.

After a few days you need to reapply, and several times a year. But it’s the easiest and economical way to kill bedbugs. If you want to kill bedbugs instantly you should buy Bedbugs Spray from the above Amazon store or any hardware store near to you.

Heat treatment is very effective but more expensive than any other method. You can buy it from the above store. Usually, professional exterminators use heat treatment with the combination of spray and another method. If you have children or pets in your home, choose any natural spray or diatomaceous earth. All these things are available in Amazon nowadays.


No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is for information purpose only. Always do your own research before applying any treatment while necessary.

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