How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs 100% – How to Kill Bedbugs for Good? (307)

How to get rid of bed bugs 100%? Find here How to get rid of bed bugs 100% or how to kill bed bugs for good. We try to help you choose the best treatment for your needs and budget. Actually to get rid of bed bugs 100% you need to use multiple treatment technique or strategy and each one has its own sets of pros and cons. You can hire a professional or try yourself with multiple techniques. Learn more: How to get rid of bed bugs 100%?

How to get rid of bed bugs 100%?

Here we explain each technique separately to help you select the best options that work for you.

Treatment Topics:

  1. Ensure bedbugs infestation
  2. Hire a professional
  3. Apply multiple techniques
  4. Bedbug spray
  5. Heat treatment
  6. Vacuum Cleaner
  7. Steam cleaner or Steamer

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  1. Ensure bedbugs infestation

Before starting to apply any bedbugs treatment you have to be ensured that you have bedbugs infestation. A bedbug detector can help you regarding this.  If you recognize them well you can identify bedbugs infestation easily. Have a LED flash light and wake up in the middle of the night. For enhanced looking use this flash light. Pull back the bedsheet, mattress, pillow, mattress cover etc to check live bedbugs or their symptoms. Folds and seams of the mattress are very common to find live or dead bedbugs, their husk or dung, and eggs.  Bedbugs bite is another symptom of infestation. If you make sure that you have bedbugs then look for the options that are the best for your situation.

  1. Hire a professional

Professional bedbug exterminator is the best and recommended method of killing bedbugs effectively. It’s painless and reliable way as they have equipment, resources and knowledge to kill bedbugs quickly. But they are expensive and many people can’t afford it. If you want to call a professional exterminator then we advice you to receive few quotes from local exterminators first. Check if the cost is withing your budget or not. If not then try some of the do it yourself (DIY) treatment options we explained below:


  1. Treat bedbugs with multiple techniques

No single options will work 100%. After applying one technique the remaining percentage can be covered by other option(s). For example, at first you apply bedbugs spray and kill 60% of them. Then you apply vacuum cleaner for 25%, & bedbugs dryer for the rest 15%.

  1. Bedbugs Spray

Search in Amazon, eBay or similar online store to find several manufacturers of bedbugs spray. Read consumer review, check the price, & refund policy before choosing a brand. Ecodefence, Eco Raider, Harris Bedbug Killer etc are few names of them. Whatever brand of bedbug killer you choose, read the instruction in its label and follow accordingly.

Remember, effective treatment usually requires more than one treatment, even if you hire a professional exterminator.  And the improper application of an effective spray can be dangerous, especially if you have pets and children. Natural spray option is the best for such a situation. So, if you have pets and children in your house, Diatomaceous earth and Steam cleaner are safe and effective ways to kill bedbugs. Visit to learn more about it.

  1. Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is very effective as Bedbugs can’t survive in temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 Degree Celsius. A larger heat treatment system is ideal for beds, dressers, couches, pillows, and mattress etc. After traveling you can use this system for luggage and clothing to avoid bedbugs enter into your home. Zappbag is another professional type heat system. It’s proved to be the best and effective solution available right now.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum alone can’t solve this problem, but effective when combining with another method. After cleaning you should remove the vacuum bag. The bag will be full of dist, live or dead bedbugs and their eggs. So, put all these things into a plastic bag, seal it and throw it to outside can or burn. Bedbug Vacuum is specially designed to deal with bedbugs. Bedbugs eggs are sticky and difficult to remove with Vacuum. Sprays and steamer are more effective at killing eggs.

  1. Bedbug Steamer

Usually, professional exterminators apply a combination of steam, heat, and pesticides for treating bedbugs. Steam is environment-friendly and similar to heat treatment, and capable to kill bedbugs and their eggs. It’s easy to use for larger items like furniture, mattress, box spring, clothing etc and free from the danger of fire. Handheld steamer and bedbugs dryer are most popular for domestic use.

Finally, we can say which methods to be used depending on your situation. We recommend a combination of Diatomaceous earth, Steaming and a safe spray. If possible heat treatment can be added with it or replace with spray.

DIY (do it yourself) option which includes the following:

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At first, be sure that you have bed bugs infestation. And then try with multiple treatment methods. Find here how to detect bed bugs.


No accuracy warranty of any information provided here. This is not medical advice, but can be used for information purpose only. Always consult your doctor for medical treatment while necessary.

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