Giant Bed Bug! A Giant Bed Bug found in Mexico City. (305)

Giant Bed Bug! Everyday we get some new news about bed bugs. And we are interested to hear such things. Today we’ll explain a story about Giant bed bug found in Mexico City. The place where the giant bed bug in, a reputed five star hotel. This type of bug we see rare. So, this bug makes interested many people to see physically. We have given here a picture of giant bed bug and a video on it. At the Universidad La Salle in Mexico City Entomologists  saw a bed bug 10 times larger than usual. Learn more: Giant Bed Bug!

A Giant Bed Bug found in Mexico city!

A Senior Entomologist Eduardo Guitarrez,  at La Salle, says they have never seen any bedbug like it. He also says, “It’s either a rare genetic mutation, or an entirely new species of bed bug, or the common bed bug is evolving into something rather sinister.” This was discovered by a  housekeeper at an upper scale hotel in Mexico city. For security purpose the name should not be disclosed.

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She says that while changing the bed sheet she saw a big hole in the middle of the mattress. She was looking closer and suddenly the giant bedbug came out. She thought it a cockroach, but while come to closer, she realized that it’s an unusual bedbug. They catch it and bring it to hotel manager. And finally it came to the attention of Eduardo and his peers.

Hotel manager, Carlos Parada, said it is very odd that our guests stayed in the room 2 nights without making any complaint of being bitten by bedbugs. He also said the hotel would be thoroughly checked to make sure no more bedbugs exists.

Eduardo, told: After one feeding bedbugs move to their secured places and hide for 5 to 10 days and digest their meal, mate and lay eggs. The guest suffered no bites because during this time they don’t feed as it was between feeding.

Since prior that no guests experienced unusual anything, this bedbug came from the suitcase of last guest who traveled from North America. So, it is assumed that giant bedbugs are breeding in North America and it’s possible, says Eduardo.

The average adult bedbugs grow to about 1/4 of an inch. The giant bedbug is more than 3 inches long. Now it becomes an entomologist’s dream to discover a new species of bedbugs!


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