Does Vitamin B1 repel bed bugs? What are the Experts’ Opinion? (335)

He told there’s no good reason to believe that vitamin B1, garlic, or most essential oils can kill bed bugs or other similar biting insects. Apparently these products are not harmful for the users but can harm indirectly or as side effects. Even these products can invite biting insects more than before and put themselves at the risk of tick-borne agents of disease.

Does Vitamin B1 repel bed bugs?

Mr. Steve Smith answered strongly that there is no scientific evidence of Vitamin B1 helps repelling bed bugs. So, he suggests not to rely on such speech, rather follow proper procedure of exterminate bedbugs. Also he recommends for hiring a professional exterminator if you’re infested with bed bugs.

Does Vitamin B1 repel bed bugs? What are the Experts' Opinion?
Does Vitamin B1 repel bed bugs? What are the Experts’ Opinion?

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Mr. MJ Atkins, Naturopathic Physician answered that Thiamine supposed to be a mosquito repellent as per an old study from the 1940’s. But the recent research hasn’t shown any benefits of it for insects repellent. He also mentioned that natural environments are vastly different from study settings for Vitamin B1, and don’t like to express his opinion about it.

He says, Dark clothing, “floral” scented hygiene products, and alcohol intake all give the impression to attract mosquitoes. May be, Vanilla and Catnip are better alternatives than Thiamine. Finally, he says that Vitamin B1 does not repel bed bugs or other insects at all.

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