Bedbugs: Treatment, Remedies, & Prognosis of Bed Bug Bites. (314)

Bedbugs: Treatment, Remedies & Prognosis: Blood sucking insects bedbugs are oval shaped and smaller in size, can live in cracks and crevices of furniture, mattress, clothing and bed frames. They are very active at night and bite any exposed areas of skin while people sleeping. Raised bumps on the skin are common signs of bed bug bites and symptoms include redness, swelling, and itching. Usually, no treatment is required for it, but if itching is severed then steroid cream or antihistamine should be used.

Home remedies include oatmeal bathe or cool compress. Live or dead bedbugs, their legs or dung, shed skin, fecal stain, odor etc. are the evidence of their existence. A professional exterminator is recommended to identify and remove bedbugs if you can afford.

Bedbugs: Treatment, Remedies & Prognosis of Bed Bug Bites.

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What do bedbugs look like? Bedbug Bites Picture

Oval shaped bedbugs can be of 5 to 7 mm large in maturity and 1.5 mm while nymph. Adults are brown in color, become reddish after feeding. They can’t fly but crawl rapidly. Bedbugs don’t transmit or spread any disease. But itching can lead to scratch enough that can be infected later on. Watch Video to Read and learn more: Bedbug Bites Picture.

Bedbugs - Bed Bugs: Treatment, Remedies & Prognosis of Bed Bug Bites
Itching from Bed Bug Bites

Where are bed bugs found?

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