Bed Bugs Bites Photos – Bed Bug Bites Images. (320)

Bed Bug Bites Images: Bed Bugs Bites Photos will help you to recognize bed bugs properly; otherwise you may assume other bites as bed bug bites and treat them wrongly. So, before taking any action about bed bugs, you have to be ensured that you are infested with bed bugs. We have given here several photos of bed bugs and bed bugs bites. Find here different sizes and shapes of bed bugs. Also we have Youtube Video Channel on Bed bug Bites images. Learn more: Bed Bugs Bites Photos – Bed Bug Bites Images. 

Bed Bugs Bites Photos – Bed Bug Bites Images.

Bedbug life cycle starts with a grain like milky white egg. Eggs are 1 to 1.5 mm in size, hatch within 2 week and immature bedbugs come out. Then they pass over 5 stages before reach to maturity. This stage is called nymph and each stage they need a meal of warm blood from human or animals. Within 5 weeks they reach in maturity and female lays from 1 to 5 eggs a day, up to 500 within entire life time.

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Adult female bedbug is larger than male, 5.5 mm in size. Young nymphs are yellow-white in color, and adults are brown. After feeding blood they become reddish-brown in color, hide in cracks and crevices and stay 5 to 7 days and digest the meal. So, if someone comes in between two meals, he/she may not experience any bed bug bites. So, he is lucky enough to avoid bedbug bites although they exist. Here is a picture to show the different sizes of bedbugs in entire life cycle.

Bed Bugs Bites Photos - Bed Bug Bites Images.
Bed Bugs Bites Photos – Bed Bug Bites Images.

Usually total life of a bedbug is 4 to 6 months, sometimes 1 year in cool weather. Eggs can stay undeveloped up to a year and that makes it difficult to exterminate bedbugs completely for long time and several treatment may necessary.


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